mining_equipmen-1e-mining achieves visibility of the mining field using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Data is automatically collected from sensors mounted on mining assets, including loaders and trucks, and filtered and aggregated on a business level to improve operations efficiency and safety. Both strategic planning and daily operations are addressed. Refined cost measurements per operation enhance cost-effectiveness.


A tool for business process redesign

  • Use of sensors to measure remote mining operations (excavation, loading/unloading, hauling). Offers fine-grained visibility and data aggregation to ensure accurate calculation of KPIs for performance, cost, product quality and safety
  • Supervises safety rules in real-time and analyze operator profiles
  • Validates contract terms for excavation, loading and transportation. Assists the resolution of contract claims. Calculates contractual and real costs. Supports electronic assignment of orders to operators
  • Supports in real-time field business transactions (e.g. geocoded daily check-list filled by operators and field engineers)



Emphasis Telematics is an M2M partner of Deutsche Telekom AG and provides global solutions in mining and industrial production, logistics, and maritime transportation.


  • Accurate and automated sensor measurement:
    • Load weight measurement
    • Fuel consumption
    • Loading / unloading activity
    • Hauling activity
  • Real-time analytics to support daily operations
  • KPIs based on aggregated field data to report on business activity
  • A tool for business case analysis linking KPIs to operational data
  • Seamless integration with SAP
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