e-meter, telemetry solution

e-meter is a fixed telemetry solution to be used in monitoring of storage conditions, inventory control, as well as to efficiently manage unexpected situations (orevents). The system consists of the sensors (temperature, tank level, humidity, flood, machine status etc.) the telemeter units, tracing the information and the Base Station in which data management is executed and alarms are sent in case of emergency.

e-meter objectives are:

  • Inventory Control
  • Process Control
  • Ensure Quality
  • Monitor equipment
  • Ensure environmental conditions

e-meter has potential application in many industries such as:

  • Cold chain monitoring
    • Cold storage warehouses
    • Stores’ refrigerators
    • Milk cooling tanks
  • Warehouses supervision
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Supervision of high-risk facilities

    • Mines
    • Tunnels
  • Stock supervision

    • Fuel Tanks
    • LPG tanks
    • Silos
  • Network operation monitoring

    • Water
    • Sewage
    • Energy
    • Telecommunications

Some examples of use:

e-meter in the cold chain

  • Preserve proper conditions for thermo-sensitive products
  • Reduce operational and maintenance cost
  • Ensure food product quality in the entire supply chain
  • Reduce cost of wasted food products

e-meter in the cold chain

  • Fuel volume measurement on vehicle and vessel tanks
  • Fuel flow measurement on vehicle and vessel tanks
  • Temperature fuel monitoring
  • Automatic and accurate fuel ordering
  • Tank replenishment monitoring


System functionalities

System functionalities (1)

Real-time notifications

An integrated notification engine provides real-time alarms for any important event to selected recipients. Each recipient can be configured to be notified of specific events/assets per SMS and/or Email and for specific period (days or hours of day).

All notifications are also shown on his computer screen with popup and user can browse through a historical view with geographical information


An important aspect of e-meter solution is that all storage conditions reports include graphical representation of all traced information.

In particular, through emergency events reports, you can have detailed information on the time when tracing started, its duration, limits value, values traced average.

Alarms reports, include contact details of crisis management administrator, the time when alarm started and ended, as well as the actions that have been taken.

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