Company Information

Emphasis Telematics provides solutions for the data driven operational intelligence and the performance analysis of business processes based on sensor data. Since 1995, a team of engineering experts has been applying machine-to-machine (M2M), industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and mobile technologies to optimize efficiency, safety, quality, and cost of business processes. The Emphasis Telematics approach is based on accurate real-time sensor data that visualizes business processes. The information is aggregated and transformed into corporate knowledge and intelligence to support decision making. The firm designs, develops, and deploys IIoT solutions for maritime transportation, manufacturing, mining and logistics applications, addressing challenging requirements on operational, tactical, and strategic corporate levels.

Its turnkey solutions include:

  • e-glove to improve Design of Manual Manufacturing Processes.
  • e-mining to increase visibility and efficiency in mining operations
  • e-vessel to enhance vessel efficiency in maritime transportation
  • e-meter to preserve quality in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products

Emphasis Telematics is an M2M partner of Deutsche Telekom AG and provides global solutions in mining and industrial production, logistics, and maritime transportation.