e-track, an integrated solution for fleet management

e-track architectureKeep your fleet safe and well managed, we offer the most advanced and innovative technology to provide you with full service fleet management solutions.Through the use of advanced and sophisticated communications, logistics and IT technologies, we have created an integrated solution for the management of your corporate vehicle fleet. e-track allows you to manage and control your corporate vehicles through the GPRS network, with immediate cost benefits as well as distribution and transportation strategy benefits. e-track monitors, supports, simplifies and optimizes all the activities of your corporate vehicle fleet.

e-track system is being developed by Emphasis Telematics since 1995 and is currently in its 4th generation. It has reached an excellent product maturity in terms of its operational reliability and technology flexibility. It has been successfully installed and is operating in a large number of distribution fleets, providing innovative real-time information related to the transportation of bulk and hazardous products.

Fuel Managementfuel management
Fuel is often the second biggest expense (after staff costs) on a Fleet Manager’s income statement. The module offers continuous and automatic recording of the level of fuel in the tank. Each differentiation in fuel quantity is determined in relation to the kilometers traveled, the moment in time, and the vehicle location on the map. We support a variety of methods to measure fuel – off the vehicle’s CAN-bus or using a fuel-flow meter.

Driver SafetyDriver Safety
Provides integrated driver safety solutions to businesses that embrace a culture of ensuring employee and community safety. The solution provides you with key safety information and functionalities such as:

  • Recording events and driver behavior
  • Evaluating the performance of driver staff and creating driver profiles
  • Trigger company processes regarding safety issues
  • Reduce possibility of bad driver behavior and incidents
  • Achieving cost reduction in Fleet maintenance
  • Building a safer working environment for driver staff

Some of the offering modules:

  • Driver Electronic Identification
  • Driver Panic Button
  • Smoke detection
  • Driver belt detection
  • Hand brake activation detection
  • Automatic detection of accident

Vehicle TrackingVehicle Trackin-1
e-track offers instant and reliable information regarding the vehicle itineraries . Total vehicle itinerary with start / end time and display on map. Position, speed, number and duration of vehicle stops. Map display of service locations

Temperature MonitoringTemperature Monitoring
Specially developed for the refrigerated transport industry, enables real-time remote data capture of temperature in refrigerated compartments found in vans, trucks and trailers.
The system is designed to give you the complete visibility of the transport conditions to maximize fleet efficiency and simplify your records, while doing everything possible to ensure goods are delivered to customers on time and in good condition.
It also sends alerts triggered by out-of-range conditions – allowing you to identify and take steps to rectify situations as soon they occur.

In-vehicle Messaging & CallIn-vehicle Messaging & Voice
Offers messaging and call features for fleet manager who need to communicate with their drivers. Connecting an in-vehicle device allows managers and drivers to send free-text or standard messages between office and vehicle, minimizing communication costs. Alternatively, the optional hands-free voice kit enables drivers to receive calls from the office or dial up to some pre-defined numbers from the vehicle.

Carbon EmissionsCarbon Emissions
Monitor and reduce fuel consumption, which will lead to a reduction in your fleet’s carbon emissions.

Door Opening MonitoringDoor Opening Monitoring
Recognizes a door opening or a door closing, referring to the specific vehicle position

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e-track provides a variety of reports, each report may include different fleet variables. The reports present the data in a simple and comprehensible manner, with clear graphics so that one can easily understand them. Each report is available only to selected users / groups of users; by default no user has access to the reports.
e-track holds all historical data of the fleet operation that can be readily available to the users and other IT systems.