Emphasis Telematics in Industrial Technologies ’14 exhibition


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Incident administration by EYDAP


Emphasis Telematics has completed at EYDAP the project related to the automatic administration of incident calls. Calls received by phone through the 1022 number and relate to the sewage network, once they are forwarded to the relevant geographic sector (Attica is divided in 5 sectors), the most suitable vehicle in selected to which the repair order […]

The Greco-Germanic School offers automated parent notification on school transport.


The Greco-Germanic School, one of the largest and most modernized private schools, installed the fleet management system e-TRACK by Emphasis Telematics on the entirety of the school’s buses, aiming to improve the design and organization of the bus schedules, the tracking of the progress of the routes in real time, and of course the automated […]

TECHNEK S.A. chooses Emphasis Telematics to implement its fleet management system


Technek, a technical and commercial company and a leader in the field of mechanical engineering projects as well as construction and exploitation of real estate for the private and public sectors, after evaluating fleet management solutions decided on Emphasis Telematics’s solution e-TRACK and the specialized service COSMOTE e-TRACK offered through OTE’s (the Greek Telecommunications Organization) […]

e-TRACK, a modern quality supervision system, in the MASOUTIS Group


Masoutis’s fleet is updated through the purchase of new vehicles for the distribution of products to the group’s stores in Northern Greece. For the supervision of the delivery quality, e-TRACK, a telematic tracking system, is installed in each vehicle, so that there is continuous monitoring of product temperatures, from the loading point (onto the refrigerated […]

e-TRACK rides “shotgun” in MEVGAL’s product distribution


MEVGAL, a dairy producing company, has upgraded their fleet management application e-TRACK, aiming to extend the utilization of the capabilities of telematics and modern digital geographical information to the marketing and sales departments. The telematic fleet management system e-TRACK is already used for several years for the supervision of transport quality, providing reliable real time […]

A new substantial cooperation of Emphasis Telematics with COSMOTE


Emphasis Telematics and COSMOTE announced their cooperation agreement which makes Emphasis Telematics an official associate of the COSMOTE e-TRACK service. Through this cooperation, Emphasis Telematics, one of the most dynamic telematics companies in Greece, and the no.1 mobile telecommunications company in Greece, join forces in order to provide you with pioneering and complete fleet management solutions for your company’s fleet. COSMOTE […]