Emphasis Telematics S.A., based in Athens, Greece, was founded in 1995. Its target is to fulfill extraordinary business needs in the areas of Fleet Tracking and Management, Remote Monitoring and Telematics, as well as Supply Chain Execution.

e-track telematic system in Edesma

edesma_logoIn December 2016, Emphasis Telematics competed the installation of e-track telematic tracking system in Edesma’s corporate fleet, so that there is continuous monitoring of product temperatures during the distribution and integrated fuel management of each vehicle.

The company Greek Deli Edesma S.A. founded in 1900, is the oldest continuously operating business in its field and one of the leading brands in Greece.  The company supports an organised network of representatives and branches throughout the country and its continually expanding and opening market policy has led to a sharp rise in exports to other European countries.